“Sadako 3D” gets bumped up to 4D

By kevin on May 31, 2012 at 11:42pm EDT

Sadako 4D

Cinema Today is reporting that some screenings of the hugely successful horror film Sadako 3D will soon be adding a whole new dimension to the movie-going experience which Kadokawa is calling “4D”.

Last September, several theaters in Japan screened Robert Rodriguez’s “Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D” with a few additional “4DX” features such as specific smells wafting through the theater or vibrations at certain points during the movie. However, Sadako 4D will apparently take things to a whole new level.

In keeping with the suspense/horror theme, moviegoers will have their legs grabbed, large clouds of white smoke will be pumped into the theater, and seats will even be fitted with velcro to bind people’s arms. Also, the theater will suddenly be invaded by a horde of real-life Sadakos who will come out of a large well.

“Sadako 3D” stars Satomi Ishihara, Koji Seto, and Yusuke Yamamoto with a guest-starring role by Ai Hashimoto. It was directed by Tsutomu Hanabusa, who had previously been known for comedies. However, his new spin on the Ring franchise, combined with a heavy dose of unconventional PR (Sadako first pitch, Sadako horde invades Shibuya, etc.), has led to an impressive domestic draw and the strong likelihood of overseas distribution deals in the future.

Screenings of “Sadako 4D” will begin at Kadokawa Cinema Shinjuku on June 7th.

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