Dawn of a Filmmaker: The Keisuke Kinoshita Story (2013)

Dawn of a Filmmaker: The Keisuke Kinoshita Story is a 2013 Japanese movie written and directed by Keiichi Hara.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Hajimari no Michi
Release date
June 1, 2013
Directed by
Keiichi Hara
Written by
Keiichi Hara (screenplay)
Biographical | Drama | War
Based on a true story | Family relationships
96 min.
Eiren rating
G (General Audiences)
Distributed by


The movie is based on the life of prolific film director Keisuke Kinoshita (1912-1998) and was made in commemoration of the centennial anniversary of his birth. It covers various unknown parts of his life, such as his loving relationship with his mother whom he once had to pull across a mountain in a bicycle cart, his experience in the military as a hot-blooded youth who fell out of favor with his superiors, and the episode that led him to temporarily leave Shochiku.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Ryo Kase Ryo Kase Keisuke Kinoshita
yuko-tanaka Yuko Tanaka Kinoshita's mother
Gaku Hamada Gaku Hamada Kinoshita's assistant
Yusuke Santamaria Yusuke Santamaria Kinoshita's brother
Aoi Miyazaki Aoi Miyazaki Schoolteacher, Narrator
Ken Mitsuishi Ken Mitsuishi
Mari Hamada Mari Hamada
Ren Osugi Ren Osugi
Rio Yamashita Rio Yamashita
Shoko Fujimura Shoko Fujimura
Mayu Matsuoka Mayu Matsuoka
No photo available Itsuki Sagara


  • The film was Hara's first live-action project. Previously he was best known for his work on animated films like the Crayon Shin-chan series, Summer Days with Coo, and Colorful.

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