Reincarnation (2005)

Reincarnation is a Japanese horror movie written and directed by Takashi Shimizu. It premiered at the Tokyo International Film Festival on October 27, 2005.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Premiere date
October 27, 2005
Release date
June 7, 2006
Directed by
Takashi Shimizu
Written by
Takashi Shimizu (screenplay)
Masaki Adachi (screenplay)
Distributed by
  • Reincarnation US DVD

    Region 1 NTSC DVD (English subtitles)

    Label: Lionsgate (US)
    Out: Mar 27, 2007
  • Reincarnation UK DVD

    Region 2 PAL DVD (English subtitles)

    Label: Tartan (UK)
    Out: Aug 21, 2006
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A film is in production based on the events of a mass-murder at a hotel which happened 30 years earlier. One of the film’s stars is forced to re-live those events through her own eyes. Haunted by the image of a little girl, she must unravel the mystery of that horrific night and its connection to the present.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Yuka Yuka Nagisa Sugiura
Karina Karina Yayoi Kinoshita
Kippei Shiina Kippei Shiina Ikuo Matsumura
Tetta Sugimoto Tetta Sugimoto Tadashi Murakawa
Shun Oguri Shun Oguri Kazuya Omori
No photo available Marika Matsumoto Yuka Morita
Mantaro Koichi 2013 Mantaro Koichi Yamanaka producer
No photo available Atsushi Haruta Norihasa Omori
No photo available Miki Sanjo Ayumi Omori
No photo available Mao Sasaki Chisato Omori
Hiroto Ito Hiroto Ito Yuya Omori
Takako Fuji Takako Fuji Hotel maid
No photo available Yasutoki Furuya
No photo available Tomoko Mochizuki
No photo available Hiroshi Okazaki
Taro Suwa Taro Suwa Projectionist
Kiyoshi Kurosawa Kiyoshi Kurosawa Professor Kawashima
Shoichiro Masumoto Shoichiro Masumoto

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