The Blue Bird (2008)

The Blue Bird is a Japanese movie directed by Kenji Nakanishi and based on a novel by Kiyoshi Shigematsu. It premiered at the Tokyo International Film Festival on October 19, 2008.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Aoi Tori
Premiere date
October 19, 2008
Release date
November 29, 2008
Directed by
Kenji Nakanishi
Written by
Kenzaburo Iida (screenplay)
Yasuo Hasegawa (screenplay)
Kiyoshi Shigematsu (novel)
Distributed by
Annie Planet
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When a bullying victim at Higashigaoka middle school named Noguchi attempts suicide, shock and dismay ripples throughout the school. In the second term, a new teacher named Murauchi (Hiroshi Abe) takes over class 1.

At first the class is taken by surprise by his severe stutter, and even giggle. However, on the very first day he orders that Noguchi’s desk be returned to its original position in the classroom. Every morning from that point on he takes a moment to walk up to the vacated desk and say “Good morning, Noguchi-kun” in front of all the students that had tormented him.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Hiroshi Abe Hiroshi Abe Mr. Murauchi
Kanata Hongo Kanata Hongo Shinichi Sonobe
Ayumi Ito Ayumi Ito Ms. Shimazaki
Hajime Inoue Hajime Inoue Mr. Ishino
No photo available Osamu Shigematu Mr. Miyazaki
No photo available Hiroyuki Kishi Mr. Koizumi
No photo available Shuta Aoki
Moe Arai Moe Arai Hayakawa
No photo available Yuko Araki Katayama
No photo available Nao Ishizaki
Hiroto Ito Hiroto Ito
No photo available Moe Karasawa
No photo available Shohei Kawakami
No photo available Takuya Koizumi
No photo available Moe Miura
No photo available Tomi Nakaho
No photo available Tatsuya Suzuki Umeda
Taiga Taiga Inoue
Riho Takada Riho Takada Chiba
No photo available Yuki Takagi
No photo available Kazuya Yamazaki Noguchi
misaki-soejima Misaki Soejima Member of student council


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