Tokyo Mujirushi Joshi Monogatari (2012)

Tokyo Mujirushi Joshi Monogatari is a Japanese movie directed by Akiko Ohku and based on two parts of an anthology manga by Yoko Nemu and Dodo Yamasaki.

Movie info

Original title
Alternate titles
Tokyo Nameless Girl’s Story (literal title)
Release date
June 16, 2012
Directed by
Akiko Ohku
Written by
Yusei Naruse (screenplay)
Yoko Nemu (manga)
Dodo Yamasaki (manga)
97 min.
Distributed by
Best Brain


In the first story, Mitsuki Tanimura plays a college student named Nozomi who has been busy searching for a job. Back home, Nozomi had been nicknamed “Noro”, short for “noroma” (gullible, slow-witted), but now she’s living in Tokyo where everyone seems to run around like rabbits. She and her boyfriend Kameyama (Kensuke Owada) have been living at the same slow pace, but Nozomi feels that starting to change…

In the second story, Megumi Yanagi plays Saeko, a young woman who works in the advertising industry. In contrast to her busy life, her roommate and sister Kaori Shuri is a part-time worker who spends her days lounging around. Saeko has a boyfriend named Tomoya (Naoki Kawano) who she recently met at work. On the one-year anniversary of their relationship, she answers his cell phone and hears a woman’s voice.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Mitsuki Tanimura Mitsuki Tanimura Nozomi
Megumi Yanagi Megumi Yanagi Saeko
Shuri Shuri Kaori
Chinami Suzuki Chinami Suzuki
Natsuki Kunimoto Natsuki Kunimoto
Kensuke Owada Kensuke Owada Kameyama
Motoki Ochiai Motoki Ochiai
Naoki Kawano Naoki Kawano Tomoya


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