About Eigapedia

Eigapedia was originally launched in July 2006 as Nippon Cinema, a simple blog featuring reviews of modern-era Japanese movies.

At that time, it was really difficult to find more information on specific actors and directors, so as I did my own research, the site gradually expanded to include more news updates and basic biographical articles.

In 2007, Eigapedia was launched as a MediaWiki-powered sister site to Nippon Cinema, but it soon became apparent that running both sites was time-consuming and counter-productive. The wiki was eventually offloaded to the Wikia network where it still lives today as Eiga Wiki, free for anyone to edit.

The Setup

Eigapedia is currently hosted across two self-managed Linodes running a LEMP stack under Ubuntu Linux.

It was originally built on the content management system ExpressionEngine, but recently the decision was made to switch to Craft.


Use the Disqus thread below for general comments about the site itself if you don't mind them being public. If you'd like to contact me directly, use this form.

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