The Abashiri Family (2009)

The Abashiri Family is a Japanese movie directed by Teruyoshi Ishii. It’s based on a Go Nagai manga and was released by TMC in Japan on November 11, 2009.

The film stars Erica Tonooka as Kikunosuke, the daughter and toughest member of the much-feared Abashiri Family. One day she finds herself attending Paradise Academy with no memory of her past. Eventually it’s revealed that the school is controlled by the Abashiri’s greatest rivals, the Danjuro family, and they’ve not only wiped her memory, but also implanted an anti-aggression chip in her brain. When she tries to help a transfer student named who’s being bullied (Maria Yoshikawa), the chip kicks in and causes severe anguish.

Movie info

Original title
あばしり一家 THE MOVIE
Release date
November 11, 2009

Featured Cast

erica-tonooka Erica Tonooka
maria-yoshikawa Maria Yoshikawa
ijiri-okada Ijiri Okada
Jiro Sato Jiro Sato
kyoji-kamui Kyoji Kamui
miwa MiWa
Shun Sugata Shun Sugata
Nabeyacan Nabeyacan


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