Black Butler (2014)

Black Butler is a 2014 live-action Japanese movie directed by Kentaro Otani and animation character designer Keiichi Sato. It’s based on a popular manga by Yana Toboso, but will feature an all-new story set 130 years later. Toboso personally signed off on the script before the film went into production.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Release date
January 18, 2014
Directed by
Kentaro Otani
Keiichi Sato
Written by
Tsutomu Kuroiwa (screenplay)
Yana Toboso (manga)
119 min.
Distributed by
Warner Bros.
Theme song
"Through the Ages" by Gabrielle Aplin Watch / Buy


130 years after Ciel Phantomhive entered into a pact with flawless demon butler Sebastian Michaelis, a female descendent of the Phantomhive family named Shiori Genpo poses as a boy named “Kiyoharu” in order to act as heir.

The world is now divided between east and west, with Shiori working as an agent of the Western Queen. Shiori receives a mission to investigate a series of missing females and mysterious deaths in which the victims were mummified, but after receiving a curious “black invitation”, she winds up in over her head and in desperate need of Sebastian’s assistance.

Featured Cast

Hiro Mizushima Hiro Mizushima Sebastian Michaelis
Ayame Goriki Ayame Gouriki Shiori Genpo / Kiyoharu Genpo
Mizuki Yamamoto Mizuki Yamamoto Rin
Yuka Yuka Hanae Wakatsuki, Shiori's aunt
Takuro Ohno Takuro Ohno
Ken Kaito Ken Kaito
Tomomi Maruyama Tomomi Maruyama
Yu Shirota Yu Shirota
Ken Yasuda Ken Yasuda
Satoshi Hashimoto Satoshi Hashimoto
Taro Shigaki Taro Shigaki
Masato Ibu Masato Ibu
Goro Kishitani Goro Kishitani
Louis Kurihara Louis Kurihara Jay, Undertaker

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