Detroit Metal City (2008)

Detroit Metal City is a live-action Japanese movie directed by Toshio Lee and based on a popular manga by Kiminori Wakasugi.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Detoroito Metaru Shiti
Release date
July 31, 2008
Distributed by
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Soichi Negishi os a wide-eyed country boy from Oita Prefecture who travels to Tokyo to pursue his dream of becoming a trendy pop musician. However, he instead ends up fronting a death metal band called Detroit Metal City (DMC), known for their KISS-like face makeup and flamboyant live performances. As his alter ego Johannes Krauser II, he’s known as a wild man rumored to be everything from a terrorist to a demon from hell.

Meanwhile, as mild-mannered Negishi, he closely guards his secret life from his kind, unsuspecting mother and a girl he likes named Aikawa, who loves trendy pop music.

When DMC’s new song becomes a big hit, a death metal icon from New York named Jack IL Dark visits Japan for an epic battle of the bands.

Featured Cast

Kenichi Matsuyama Kenichi Matsuyama Soichi Negishi
Yoshihiko Hosoda Yoshihiko Hosoda
No photo available Ryuji Akiyama
rosa-kato Rosa Kato Aikawa
Yasuko Matsuyuki Yasuko Matsuyuki Soichi's mother
adeyto Adeyto
No photo available Ken Ayugai
ryo-kato Ryo Kato
Minami Minami
Yoshiko Miyazaki Yoshiko Miyazaki
Masami Nagasawa Masami Nagasawa
Yoshinori Okada Yoshinori Okada
No photo available Gene Simmons
kazuma-suzuki Kazuma Suzuki
Issei Takahashi Issei Takahashi
No photo available Yosuke Ochi
Koji Ohkura Koji Ohkura
No photo available Nobuhiko Otani


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