ICHI (2008)

ICHI is a 2008 Japanese movie directed by Fumihiko Sori as a a continuation of the long-running Zatoichi chanbara film series—this time with a female protagonist.

Movie info

Release date
October 25, 2008
Distributed by
Warner Bros.
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A blind female shamisen player gets mixed up in a turf war between residents of a small town and a violent yakuza gang. Along the way, she meets a man named Tōma who refuses to draw his sword due to an incident from his past.

Featured Cast

Haruka Ayase Haruka Ayase Blind shamisen player/Ichi
yukina-kashiwa Yukina Kashiwa Ichi (younger)
No photo available Ayumi Kimura Ichi (childhood)
Takao Osawa Takao Osawa Fujihira Touma, Ronin
kazuma-chiba Kazuma Chiba Touma (childhood)
Shido Nakamura Shido Nakamura Banki, boss of the Banki gang
yosuke-kubozuka Yosuke Kubozuka Toraji, Shirakawa gang number 2
Akira Emoto Akira Emoto Chobei, boss of the Shirakawa gang
Riki Takeuchi Riki Takeuchi Izo, Banki gang number 2
Go Riju Go Riju Innkeeper Kihachi
mayumi-sada Mayumi Sada Mitsu
ryosuke-shima Ryosuke Shima Kotaro, inn sales boy
Tetta Sugimoto Tetta Sugimoto Blind swordsman
Megumi Yokoyama Megumi Yokoyama Touma's mother
Eri Watanabe Eri Watanabe Ohama
Shiro Namiki Shiro Namiki Inspector-general Kataoka
mitsuki-koga Mitsuki Koga Jako
No photo available Usagi Kono Ichi's mother
No photo available Issei Okihara Ushitora
Ayumu Saito Ayumu Saito
Tetsuo Yamashita Tetsuo Yamashita
Shoichiro Masumoto Shoichiro Masumoto
kumiko-tsuchiya Kumiko Tsuchiya
No photo available Yasuomi Sano
yuto-nakano Yuto Nakano

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