Memoirs of a Lady Ninja (2009)

Memoirs of a Lady Ninja is a Japanese original video release written and directed by Jiro Ishikawa. It was released by GP Museum on July 24, 2009.

The film stars AV idol Saori Hara as a blue-eyed female ninja and assassin named Hijiri. By chance, she encounters a thief trying to steal a secret scroll of immortality from the storage depository of a Christian daimyo named Rokusha, but gets injured in the ensuing battle. She’s rescued by a Christian named Seitaro (Mutsuo Yoshioka) and they soon begin to fall in love with one another. However, their happiness is short-lived. Declaring Christianity “western heresy”, a powerful buddhist takes aim at Hijiri and the Christians and cooks up a dark plot to deal with them.

Movie info

Original title
隠密くノ一列伝 秘められた女忍び
Transliterated title
Onmitsu Kunoichi Retsuden Himerareta Onna Shinobi
Release date
July 24, 2009
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Featured Cast

Saori Hara Saori Hara
No photo available Mutsuo Yoshioka
No photo available Akari Hoshino


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