One Million Yen Girl (2008)

One Million Yen Girl is a Japanese coming-of-age road movie written and directed by Yuki Tanada.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Hyakuman-en to Nigamushi Onna
Release date
July 19, 2008
Directed by
Yuki Tanada
Written by
Yuki Tanada (screenplay)
Distributed by


21-year-old Suzuko recently graduated from a two year college. Because she has no particular skills to speak of, she winds up bouncing between part-time jobs. After being convicted for a minor offense and getting a fine for 200,000 yen, she winds up living back at home with her disappointed parents and thoroughly embarrassed little brother.

Feeling like a pariah and constantly gossiped about by her catty neighbors, Suzuko decides to set the goal to raise 1 million yen and finally move away. She begins traveling and taking any jobs she can find, from preparing shaved ice to picking peaches. Along the way, she meets various kind people and experiences growth. Soon, she meets a young man named Ryohei through a part-time job at a store and begins to develop feelings for him. Will a shot at true love change her plans?

Featured Cast

Yu Aoi Yu Aoi Suzuko
Mirai Moriyama Mirai Moriyama Ryohei
Pierre Taki Pierre Taki
terunosuke-takezai Terunosuke Takezai
No photo available Ryusei Saito
Sumie Sasaki Sumie Sasaki
Noriko Eguchi Noriko Eguchi
Kami Hiraiwa Kami Hiraiwa
Keisuke Horibe Keisuke Horibe
taro-ishida Taro Ishida
Midoriko Kimura Midoriko Kimura
No photo available Kota Mizumori
Ayumu Saito Ayumu Saito
Takashi Sasano Takashi Sasano
Kyusaku Shimada Kyusaku Shimada
No photo available Moro Shioka
Kenichi Yajima Kenichi Yajima
Tomohisa Yuge Tomohisa Yuge
saya-yuki Saya Yuki


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