Shogun’s Shadow (1989)

Shogun’s Shadow is a Japanese movie directed by Yasuo Furuhata. It was released by Toei in Japan on January 14, 1989.

In the movie, Iemitsu, the Shogun, hates his oldest son Takechiyo and never hides the fact that he likes his younger son Tokumatsu much more. One day he summons Takechiyo in an attempt to lure his party into a trap, but with the help of the head of the Skura clan and seven loyal samurai he manages to fend off his attackers.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Shōgun Iemitsu no Ranshin: Gekitotsu
Release date
January 14, 1989

Featured Cast

Ken Ogata Ken Ogata Igo Gyobu
No photo available Norihito Arai Koori Deneemon
No photo available Toshihiro Asari Sobue Iori
sonny-chiba Sonny Chiba Iba Shoemon
Seizo Fukumoto Seizo Fukumoto
No photo available Miyuki Kanou Yajima no Tsubone
masaki-kyomoto Masaki Kyomoto Tokugawa Iemitsu
hiroki-matsukata Hiroki Matsukata Abe Shigetsugu
No photo available Takeshi Maya Hotta Masatoshi
Hiroyuki Nagato Hiroyuki Nagato Tagaya Rokubee
No photo available Masataka Naruse Domon Genzaburo
No photo available Sayoko Ninomiya Oman no Kata
yuji-oda Yuji Oda Tobe Saheiji
No photo available Hu Jian Qiang Shishi Jingoemon
No photo available Ippei Shigeyama Takechiyo
Tetsuro Tamba Tetsuro Tamba Hotta Masamori


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