Thermae Romae (2012)

Thermae Romae is a Japanese movie directed by Hideki Takeuchi and based on a manga by Mari Yamazaki.

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Release date
April 28, 2012
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An ancient Roman bath house architect named Lucious loses his job due to his inability to keep up with the times. When his friend takes him to a public bath house to cheer him up, Lucious slips forward through time while desperately seeking inspiration for a new idea and winds up in a present-day bath house in Japan.

In Japan he meets a young aspiring manga artist named Mami and other Japanese people who he refers to as the “flat-faced clan”. Lucious is fascinated by Japan’s modern bathing culture, and bounces back and forth through time to implement these advancements in ancient Rome while establishing his historical legacy as a genius inventor.

Featured Cast

hiroshi-abe Hiroshi Abe Lucious
Aya Ueto Aya Ueto Mami
No photo available Ananda Jacobs
Kai Shishido Kai Shishido
Kazuki Kitamura Kazuki Kitamura
No photo available Manfred Wodarz
Masachika Ichimura Masachika Ichimura
Riki Takeuchi Riki Takeuchi
Takashi Sasano Takashi Sasano

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