Shihori Kanjiya (Actress)

Shihori Kanjiya

Shihori Kanjiya is a Japanese television and film actress from Tokyo.

Kanjiya was discovered as a middle school student by talent scouts at Shinjuku Station in Tokyo and then attended Otsuka Women’s University before leaving early to pursue her acting career.

Native name
貫地谷しほり (KANJIYA Shihori)
Arakawa, Tokyo
December 12, 1985 (age 28)
5' 1" (156 cm)
Blood type
Films, TV dramas
ABP Inc.


  • Kanjiya is an exceedingly rare family name. According to a Kyūshū Sports newspaper report, there were only 6 families using it as of February 2007. Out of those, the majority of those are her father's relatives in Hiroshima Prefecture.
  • The name Shihori was chosen by her mother. She was a fan of the rock band Southern All Stars and their 13th single "Shiori no Tēma" (Shiori's Theme). However, a Seimei Handan reading of the written kanji for Shiori (栞) eventually led her to change it to Shihori (しほり). Seimei Handan a Japanese system used to tell someone's fortune based on the way their name is written.

Filmography as actor

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