Teaser for "One Million Yen Girl" (Hyakuman-en to Nigamushi Onna)

By kevin on July 07, 2008 at 11:37am EDT

First teaser for Yuki Tanada’s coming-of-age road movie One Million Yen Girl.

Plot: A 21-year-old junior college graduate named Suzuko (Yu Aoi) is involved in an incident which leads to her getting arrested and leaves her with a criminal record. After paying a fine, she ends up stuck back home with her parents and younger brother. She decides that she wants to get away from her family and their gossiping neighbors, so she begins traveling from town to town, working menial jobs until she saves up one million yen (enough to get situated in the next place, she figures). She does her best to move on before anyone really gets to know her, but when she falls for a coworker (Mirai Moriyama), her life once again gets complicated.