Live-action “Arcana” trailer (English subtitles)

By kevin on August 15, 2013 at 9:08pm EDT

The official website for Yoshitaka Yamaguchi’s live-action movie adaptation of Arcana has been updated with an embed of its new trailer.

Based on a manga by Yua Kotegawa, the film is set in a world in which “doppelgangers” can split off from humans and exist separately from them. Tao Tsuchiya stars as both “Maki” and “Satsuki”.

Masataka Nakagauchi co-stars as Murakami, a detective who meets an amnesiac hospital patient named Maki during an investigation. He soon discovers Maki has the ability to communicate with spirits of the dead that tell her how to solve crimes. The pair team up to stop a mass murderer and Murakami finds himself falling in love. Eventually, Maki’s true nature is revealed, as well as her connection to Satsuki.

“Arcana” will be released by Nikkatsu in Japan on October 19, 2013.

Update (9/20/2013): Nikkatsu has uploaded a subtitled version. Replaced the original embed.