Trailer for "Tomorrow’s Joe [Live-action]" (Ashita no Joe)

By kevin on November 25, 2010 at 7:01pm EST

Last week, a second teaser and new full trailer were added to the official website for Fumihiko Sori’s upcoming live-action adaptation of Tetsuya Chiba and Asao Takamori classic boxing manga Ashita no Joe (Tomorrow’s Joe). The original manga was serialized from 1968-1973 and was later adapted to an anime series and movie.

25-year-old Tomohisa Yamashita of NEWS stars as a troubled youth who is trained in the art of boxing by a man named Dampei Tange (Teruyuki Kagawa). During a temporary stint in prison, he meets a former boxing prodigy named Toru Rikiishi (Yusuke Iseya) and a fierce, but respectful rivalry develops between the two men. In the manga, their battles eventually inspired several other inmates to try their hands at boxing, leading to various match-ups of boxers with vastly different skills and weaknesses which required shifts in fight strategy. However, the film focuses mainly on the initial rivalry that defined the series.

Toho will be releasing “Tomorrow’s Joe” in Japan on February 11, 2011.

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