New web-exclusive trailer for “Blood-C: The Last Dark”

By kevin on April 22, 2012 at 2:02pm EDT

Shochiku has uploaded a new web-exclusive trailer for Naoyoshi Shiotani’s Blood-C: The Last Dark to their YouTube channel.

The movie follows up last year’s Blood-C manga and anime series. Blood-C was created by the all-female manga artists group CLAMP and features an original story inspired Production I.G’s Blood franchise.

The story is set in Tokyo as a Youth Protection Ordinance is enforced which prevents underage people from going out at night and limits their use of the internet. However, a team of young people have organized an underground resistance movement called “Surat” to fight against the tyranny created by a man named Fumito Nanahara. Surat has uncovered information on a secret organization called “Tower” which backs Nanahara and is engaging in mysterious human experiments.

When a member of Surat begins snooping around the subway to discover more about Tower’s activities, vicious creatures suddenly appear. Just then, a young girl wielding a katana appears. Saya has arrived…

“Blood-C: The Last Dark” will be released in Japan on June 2, 2012.

via ANN