Teaser for "Empty" (Karappo)

By kevin on March 17, 2012 at 11:23pm EDT

An extended teaser for Shogo Kusano’s Empty has been uploaded to YouTube on the movie’s official channel.

Naoya Shimizu stars as Koban Kato, a high school student with no friends, family, or social presence. However, he does have the ability to “teleport” by suddenly vanishing whenever he’s not being noticed by people around him. In addition to this skill being inherently insulting to Koban, it’s also relatively useless because it strips him of all his clothes.

One day, Koban uses his ability after being kicked out of his house and meets a woman named Sheena (Airi Taira) who also has no place to live. Sheena is quite impressed with Koban’s teleporting, and quickly devises a plan to put it to good use. Soon, their antics cause the town to start believing there’s a kappa on the loose.

“Empty” will be screened at the Okinawa International Movie Festival later this month as part of the “Panoramic Screening” (non genre-specific) category. A theatrical release is set for June 16, 2012.