Full trailer for “Insight Into the Universe” starring Junichi Okada and Aoi Miyazaki

By kevin on June 22, 2012 at 12:36am EDT

The official website for Yojiro Takita’s upcoming movie Insight Into the Universe has been updated with a new trailer.

Based on a historical novel by Tow Ubukata, the movie is set in the early Edo period and stars Junichi Okada an astronomer and Go player named Yasui Santetsu (later changed to Shibukawa Shunkai) who was instrumental in the creation of the Jokyo calendar. Yasui’s knowledge of astronomy led to the first major revision of the Japanese calendar in over 800 years, finally fixing inaccuracies which had been slowly increasing during that time.

The new trailer summarizes some of the troubles Okada’s character goes through while receiving constant support from his wife, played by Aoi Miyazaki. At the end of it, she says something to the effect of “Somehow… please don’t die before me.”

“Insight Into the Universe”  will be released by Shochiku in Japan on September 15, 2012.