Trailer released for Nozomu Kasagi’s “Kekko Kamen Reborn”

By kevin on May 28, 2012 at 11:28pm EDT

On Monday, Cinema Today uploaded the new trailer for Nozomu Kasagi’s Kekko Kamen Reborn to their YouTube channel.

The movie is based on a manga series by Go Nagai and stars Aino Kishi as Mayumi Takahashi, a girl who transfers to an elite school called Sparta Academy which is run by an masked pervert named “Toenail of Satan”.

Takahashi and her fellow students are repeatedly saved from torture and humiliation by a mostly-nude crime-fighter called “Kekko Kamen”. The identity of the actress playing Kekko Kamen is still unknown.

“Kekko Kamen Reborn” will get a late show screening at Ginza Cine Pathos from June 2, 2012.