Trailer for "Battle Under Orion" (Manatsu no Orion)

By kevin on March 12, 2009 at 11:07pm EDT

Full trailer for Tetsuo Shinohara’s Battle Under Orion.

Plot: In a rainy seaside town, a young woman named Izumi (Keiko Kitagawa) investigates the circumstances surrounding a letter she received from the United States, written in English. The letter is from an American girl whose grandfather was a naval commander in World War II. 64 years earlier, near the end of the war, his battleship faced off against a Japanese submarine which was captained by Kuramoto (Hiroshi Tamaki).

Before Kuramoto departed, his wife Shizuko (also played by Kitagawa) gave him the hand-written sheet music to a song called “Manatsu no Orion”. As Izumi uncovers more information about that day, the film recounts events of the epic battle which continuously tested the wits and resolve of both captains. Slated for release in Japan on June 13, 2009.

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