Full trailer for new Ultraman film “Ultraman: Ultra Galaxy the Movie - Mega Monster Battle”

By kevin on September 17, 2009 at 5:13pm EDT

I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of the vast, confusing world of tokusatsu very recently, but if this new extended trailer for Koichi Sakamoto’s Ultraman: Ultra Galaxy the Movie - Mega Monster Battle is any indication of where the genre is going, I guess I picked a good time. Incredible!

Plot: The evil Ultraman Belial was imprisoned by the Ultraman King tens of thousands of years ago. When he finally escapes, he attempts to use the Giga-Battlenizer to control 100 giant monsters and conquer the galaxy. On the Ultraman homeworld, where there is no 3-minute time restriction, a team of 50 Ultramen including Ultraman, Ultra Seven, and Ultraman Mebius among many others mobilize to put a stop to Ultraman Belial’s plans and face off against his monsters.

Warner Bros. will be releasing the movie in Japan on December 12, 2009. Advance tickets are now on sale.

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