Trailer for “Mugiko-san to” starring Maki Horikita

By kevin on August 23, 2013 at 10:41am EDT

A 2-minute trailer has been added to the official website for Keisuke Yoshida’s Mugiko-san to starring Maki Horikita, Ryuhei Matsuda, and Kimiko Yo.

Horikita plays protagonist Mugiko, a girl who works at an anime store and dreams of becoming an anime voice actor some day. Unfortunately, her more immediate plans in life are not as clear.

After Mugiko’s dad died, she had to move in with her older brother (Matsuda) in the city. Their mother, Saiko (Yo), had cut off all ties to the family when Mugiko was still a small child. However, she suddenly pops into their lives again one day out of nowhere. Mugiko is puzzled and somewhat annoyed by the development, but it’s soon revealed that Saiko was hiding a terminal illness and she dies soon after.

When Mugiko visits Saiko’s hometown to lay her ashes to rest, the townspeople are shocked by her resemblance to their local idol and she begins learning more about the mother she had resented for so long through the people who loved her.

“Mugiko-san to” will be released by Phantom Film in Japan in December 2013.