Second Teaser for "Ninja Kids!!!" (Nintama Rantaro) [English subtitles]

By kevin on March 02, 2011 at 8:12pm EST

A new teaser for Takashi Miike’s upcoming live-action adaptation of Nintama Rantaro (English title: Ninja Kids) has been uploaded to the Warner Bros. channel on Yahoo! Japan.

Based on a long-running gag manga by Sobee Amako, the film revolves around an 8-year-old boy named Rantaro who attends a school for young ninjas.

The new footage seems to be geared toward showcasing the film’s main cast, including newly announced cast members Mikijiro Hira and Hiroki Matsukata in full special effects makeup.

Here’s the current cast list in the order shown in the teaser:

Seishiro Kato as Nintama
Roi Hayashi as Kirimaru
Fuuta Kimura as Shinbe
Shido Nakamura as Dad
Rei Dan as Mom
Susumu Terajima as Yamada-sensei
Takahiro Miura as Doi-sensei
Hiroki Matsukata as Happosai
Mikijiro Hira as Ookawa

“Nintama Rantaro” will be released in Japan on July 23, 2011.