Trailer for live-action “Tokyo Mujirushi Joshi Monogatari” (Tokyo Nameless Girl’s Story)

By kevin on May 30, 2012 at 6:15pm EDT

Here’s the trailer for Tokyo Mujirushi Joshi Monogatari (Tokyo Nameless Girl’s Story), the latest by Tokyo Serendipity director Akiko Ohku.

The film is based on two parts of an anthology manga of the same name which features stories of girls living on their own in Tokyo for the first time.

In the first story, Mitsuki Tanimura plays a college student named Nozomi who’s been trying to find a job. Back in her hometown, she was nicknamed “Noro”, short for “noroma” (gullible, slow-witted) so she’s been having trouble adjusting to the rapid pace of Tokyo. Until recently, she’s been living a the same speed as her boyfriend, Kameyama (Kensuke Owada), but now she feels that starting to change…

In the other story, Megumi Yanagi plays Saeko, a girl who works in advertising, and Shuri plays her lazy sister Kaori. On the one-year anniversary of Saeko’s relationship with her boyfriend from work (Naoki Kawano), she answers his cell phone and hears a woman’s voice.

“Tokyo Mujirushi Joshi Monogatari” will be released by Best Brain in Japan on June 16, 2012.

Source: YouTube