Trailer for Shinji Aoyama’s “Tokyo Koen” starring Haruma Miura

By kevin on April 20, 2011 at 3:28am EDT

A trailer for Shinji Aoyama’s Tokyo Koen (Tokyo Park) has been uploaded to the Showgate channel on Yahoo! Japan.

Based on a novel by Yukiya Shoji, the film stars Haruma Miura as a college student and aspiring photographer named Koji. One day, while Koji is taking pictures of families in a Tokyo park, a man (Hiroshi Takahashi) suddenly appears within his camera’s view and interrupts his shot. However, he’s later contacted by the man with an odd request. Without revealing the purpose of the job, he asks Koji to take photographs of a woman (Haruka Igawa) who walks through the park with her young daughter. Koji agrees, but the strange task leads to changes in the relationships he has with the women in his life.

Those women include a longtime friend that Koji can talk to about anything (Nana Eikura) and his step-sister (Manami Konishi), who offers both kindness and firm encouragement when he needs it. As Koji photographs the new third woman in his life, he feels as if she reminds him of someone from a distant memory.

Showgate will be releasing “Tokyo Koen” in Japan on June 18, 2011.