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  • Teaser for live-action "Jinuyo Saraba" starring Ryuhei Matsuda

    The official website for Suzuki Matsuo’s “Jinuyo Saraba: Kamuroba Mura e” (out April 4, 2015) has been updated with a new 51-second teaser trailer.

    Based on a manga by Mikio Igarashi which was originally serialized in Shogakukan’s Big Comic from 2007-2008, the movie stars Ryuhei Matsuda as a bank employee who suddenly develops a crippling phobia of money. Because of this, he moves to a poor village in the Tohoku region where he attempts to live a money-free life by bartering with the bizarre locals for everything he needs.

    Additional co-stars include Sadao Abe, Takako Matsu, Fumi Nikaido, and Hairi Katagiri.

  • Trailer for Kei Horie's "Forget Me Not"

    A new trailer has been added to the official website for Kei Horie’s “Forget Me Not” (Wasurenai to Chikatta Boku ga Ita, out Mar 28, 2015) featuring the movie’s newly-announced theme song, 2LDK by CreepHyp.

    Based on a fantasy romance novel by Mizuho Hirayama, the film stars Nijiro Murakami as a high school senior named Takashi Hayama who falls in love with Azusa Oribe (Akari Hayami) as soon as he meets her. However, one day Azusa makes a strange confession, telling Takashi that people forget she exists within a few hours of being with her. Takashi doesn’t believe her at first, but when he realizes that his memories of her really are slipping away, he begins documenting their time together by taking notes and recording video.

  • Two new trailers for Yukihiko Tsutsumi​'s "The Mourner"

    The official website for Yukihiko Tsutsumi’s The Mourner has been updated with two new theatrical trailers.

    Based on a Naoki Prize-winning novel by Arata Tendo, the movie stars Kengo Kora as a man named Shizuto who’s spent years roaming from place to place mourning for the recently deceased, even though he has no personal connection to them.

    Shizuto eventually catches the attention of a cynical magazine reporter named Makino (Kippei Shiina), a mother named Junko (Shinobu Otake) who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and a woman named Yukiyo (Yuriko Ishida) who was recently released from prison for murdering her husband. After witnessing Shizuto mourning her late husband, Yukiyo begins following him on his journey.

    Trailer 1
    Trailer 2

  • Teaser trailer for live-action "Yokokuhan" movie starring Toma Ikuta

    The official website for Yoshihiro Nakamura’s “Yokokuhan” (out June 6, 2015) has been updated with a 30-second teaser trailer.

    Based on a manga by Tetsuya Tsutsui, the movie stars Toma Ikuta as a man named Gates who heads a mysterious group called “Shinbunshi”. Shinbunshi wear newspaper masks and post internet videos informing the public of crimes they plan to commit in the name of vigilante justice. Erika Toda co-stars as Erika Yoshino, an elite inspector from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s cyber crime division who’s attempting to track down the members of Shinbunshi, even as they begin to win over the support of the general public.

  • Trailer for indie film "Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter" starring Rinko Kikuchi

    A trailer for has been released for David and Nathan Zellner’s “Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter” via Yahoo! Movies. The atmospheric indie film stars Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi (Pacific Rim, Babel) as a lonely, jaded young woman from Tokyo who, after finding a hidden copy of the Coen Brothers’ 1996 movie Fargo on VHS, becomes convinced that the case of money hidden in the movie is real. Believing that she’s discovered a treasure map to the location of the money, Kumiko travels to rural Minnesota to track the fictional fortune down.

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