Trailer (Japanese)

Movie: Forget Me Not
Description: Trailer (Japanese)
Added: December 25, 2014

A new trailer has been added to the official website for Kei Horie’s “Forget Me Not” (Wasurenai to Chikatta Boku ga Ita, out Mar 28, 2015) featuring the movie’s newly-announced theme song, 2LDK by CreepHyp.

Based on a fantasy romance novel by Mizuho Hirayama, the film stars Nijiro Murakami as a high school senior named Takashi Hayama who falls in love with Azusa Oribe (Akari Hayami) as soon as he meets her. However, one day Azusa makes a strange confession, telling Takashi that people forget she exists within a few hours of being with her. Takashi doesn’t believe her at first, but when he realizes that his memories of her really are slipping away, he begins documenting their time together by taking notes and recording video.


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