A few new trailers for “Time Lost, Time Found”

By kevin on October 20, 2008 at 7:28pm EDT

Time Lost, Time Found poster

The official website for Time Lost, Time Found (Yomei) recently added a new teaser trailer to its front page, but you can find a longer trailer at the website for the Tokyo International Film Festival. The description on the festival page goes something like this:

Shiho Tanimura’s novel “Yomei” has been turned into a movie of the same name. Megaphone master of “Tegami”, Jiro Shono directs. Yasuko Matsuyuki enthusiastically took on the difficult role of a woman forced into making the ultimate choice. Mind, heart, and spirit will be affected by this first-rate production.

According to Tokyograph, the “ultimate choice” involved is the woman’s decision to forgo treatment for her recently-diagnosed breast cancer for the sake of her unborn baby. Kippei Shiina and Kento Hayashi also star.

“Time Lost, Time Found” will screen at TIFF tonight and on Friday and will get a theatrical release on February 7, 2009 in Japan.

Official website with teaser trailer (dead link removed - http://www.cinemacafe.net/official/yomei-love)
TIFF sub-site with full trailer (dead link removed - http://www.tiff-jp.net/ja/lineup/works.php?id=157)

Update: Since both videos have been taken offline since the time of this post, I’ve embedded the trailer below:

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