Aino Kishi to star in “Kekko Kamen Reborn”

By kevin on May 23, 2012 at 5:52pm EDT

Kekko Kamen Reborn

On Wednesday, Cinema Today reported that a new live-action film adaptation of Go Nagai’s Kekko Kamen manga will be released on June 2nd.

Kekko Kamen Shinsei -REBORN- will star AV actress Aino Kishi (Samurai Princess) as Mayumi Takahashi, a girl who transfers to an elite university called Sparta Academy which is run by an evil pervert called “Toenail of Satan”. Teachers at the school punish and humiliate students using devices created by their sadistic leader.

The often-punished Takahashi often finds herself getting saved from the school’s torture chamber by a female superhero called “Kekko Kamen” who comes to her rescue completely naked except for a red mask, boots, gloves, and a scarf. Like American comic book superheroes, Kekko Kamen keeps her true identity a tightly-guarded secret.

“Kekko Kamen Reborn” will get a late show screening at Ginza Cine Pathos from June 2, 2012.

via ANN

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