First trailer for Eiji Uchida kidnapping dramedy “Bokura no Hoteishiki”

By kevin on August 22, 2008 at 6:53pm EDT

Bokura no Hoteishiki flyer

Here’s some info on the latest film by Eiji Uchida, Bokura no Hoteishiki. The story involves a misunderstanding which leaves a group of students trapped in their school in the middle of the night, surrounded by police. A shy train otaku named Shinpei (Yuichi Nakamura) has been working on a model train with his two best friends, Tomio (Hiroki Aiba) and Yuuki (Shun Kaneko), in preparation for a railroad club contest being held the next day. However, Shinpei is completely distracted. He finally worked up the courage to send a love letter to the girl the three train geeks collectively refer to as “Princess Tsubaki” (Aoi Nakabeppu), the most beautiful girl in their school.

Tomio and Yuuki are too preoccupied with their model to notice though, and continue putting the finishing touches on it. Suddenly, a basketball smacks into the model. The culprits are two school jocks, Wataru (Renn Kiriyama) and Takafumi (Ryosuke Miura). Staring at the remnants of the model, Tomio bravely confronts the two bullies, but is quickly shoved down to the ground. They have no other option but the stay at the school and do whatever it takes to fix the model for the contest.

Wataru and Takafumi also plan on returning to the school late at night, but for their own reasons. In order to avoid repeating a grade they have a make-up exam scheduled, but the two dummies decide to take the easy way out and steal the test ahead of time. Circumstances also lead Tsubaki back to the school, much to the delight of Shinpei. However, a threatening ransom note sent to Tsubaki’s home earlier that day causes an unlikely chain of events leads to police believe she’s being held captive inside the school. They quickly arrive on the scene in full force and create a barricade, preventing anyone from escaping.

A series of coincidences and misunderstandings brings these students together for one thrilling night that quickly turns their lives upside-down.


“Bokura no Hoteishiki” is slated for an early October release at Cinem@rt, followed later by a national release.

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