Hollywood shows interest in the late Project Itoh’s “Genocidal Organ”

By kevin on June 16, 2012 at 10:21pm EDT

Genocidal Organ

According to the Japanese movie site Cinema Today, a higher-up at Hayakawa Publishing has revealed that the company is currently entertaining Hollywood interest in a movie adaptation of Project Itoh’s 2007 debut science fiction novel Genocidal Organ (Gyakusatsu Kikan).

The story is set in a world where the war on terror has intensified drastically after a homemade nuclear device destroys Sarajevo. First-world governments attempt to crack down by increasing surveillance of the public as incidents of genocide keep increasing in the developing world.

The protagonist of the novel is an American intelligence agent named Clavis Shepherd who’s tracking John Paul, a mysterious man believed to be behind the chaos.

Itoh’s debut work received a lot of buzz and was ranked the #1 domestic sci-fi novel of the decade on the annual “SF ga Yomitai” list. Unfortunately, Itoh died of cancer in 2009, shortly after his next sci-fi novel “Harmony” was published.

According to the Hayakawa official, there’s no concrete information on an actual film yet, as they’re still in the middle of the sales pitch phase. However, several companies have already shown interest, making it likely that Project Itoh’s name will be listed in the credits of a Hollywood movie in the near future.

Hayakawa recently reached rights agreements for Issui Ogawa’s “Tokisuna no Ou” and Tow Ubukata’s “Mardock Scramble”, so even if Genocidal Organ doesn’t become a movie, Japanese science fiction will be in the spotlight soon.

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