Konishi, Maki, and Ikewaki to play 3 potential brides in "Looking for a True Fiancée"

By kevin on February 10, 2011 at 8:56pm EST

Yoko Maki, Manami Konishi, and Chizuru Ikewaki in Looking for a True Fiancée (2011 Japanese movie)

Earlier today it was announced that actresses Yoko Maki, Manami Konishi, and Chizuru Ikewaki will play Takayuki Yamada’s 3 potential brides in Yuki Iwata’s upcoming film adaptation of Takami Ito’s best-selling novel Yubiwa wo Hametai (official English title: Looking for a True Fiancée).

In the film, Yamada plays Teruhiko, a 29-year-old pharmaceutical company salesman who hits his head at a skating rink and partially loses his memory. When he comes to, he looks inside his briefcase and finds an engagement ring. Not long after that, he meets three separate women who claim to be his girlfriend. Teruhiko can’t even remember dating any of them, but decides that if he spends some time with each of them, surely he’d be able to figure out which one he was going to propose to. In order to sort things out, he sets up a string of dates with each of them.

Takayuki Yamada in Looking for a True Fiancée (2011 Japanese movie)

Konishi will play Chie Sumitomo, a woman who works at Teruhiko’s company and also happens to be his superior. She heads up a team working on research of menstrual pain medication. Her character is described as beautiful, strong-minded, and a perfectionist in everything she does.

Maki will play a seductive woman and sex shop worker. Although she’s outwardly a bit trashy, she’s also described as having a kind heart.

Ikewaki will play Wakako Suzuki, a woman who performs a one-woman puppet show in the park while holding down a part-time job. Her character is described as being somewhat subservient and modest, conforming to old-fashioned ideals of Japanese women.

Together, the three women spend the bulk of the film fighting over Yamada’s character. In particular, Maki and Konishi were involved in some particularly fierce brawling. So much so that they had to check the length of their fingernails and Maki was actually relieved to hear the director yell “Cut!”

Filming of “Looking for a True Fiancée” wrapped in late December, and a theatrical release is planned for later this year.

Source: Cinema Today

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