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By kevin on April 16, 2009 at 3:50am EDT

Ju-on game

Okay, normally I wouldn’t bother revisiting something like this so soon (see my first post from April 9th), but I’ve been seeing a lot of the same information getting recycled over and over again on blogs about this upcoming Ju-on game for the Wii, so I thought I’d dig a little bit more. The game isn’t called “Feel” or “The Feel”. Someone must have read the company name (Feelplus Inc.) in katakana and thought it had something to do with the title. The actual title is Kyôfu Taikan: Ju-on. You can translate that in several ways, pick your favorite combination:

kyofu = fear/terror/dread
taikan = experience/sensation
Ju-on = curse/grudge/lingering negative karma, etc.

An official website for the game went up a few days ago and as of this post there have been two blog entries. Here’s a highly abbreviated rundown:

The first entry (4/10) is by a guy named Hiratsuka who introduces himself and explains that he’s in charge of promotion for the game and he’ll be the one bringing people information from now on. He then goes on to recap the entire history of Shimizu’s Ju-on movie franchise from the low-budget direct-to-video releases to the Hollywood Grudge movies.

In the next paragraph he says that while playing the game you’ll be using your Wii controller as a flashlight. It doesn’t have very complex gameplay mechanics. The important thing is that you experience fear as you explore.

Keep checking the site (both the main page and blog) and there will be new information posted.

A video interview with Takashi Shimizu will be posted soon.

People with weak hearts should be careful while viewing the front page in the middle of the night.

Here is the product summary:

Title: Kyofu Taikan: Ju-on
Genre: Horror
Platform: Wii
# of players: 1 or 2
Release Date: Summer 09
Price: TBA
Development: Feelplus
© Toei/Ju-on Production Commision/Ju-on 2 Production Commission
© 2009 AQ Interactive Inc.

* Wii is a registered trademark of Nintendo

Wait until next update.

Blog entry 2 (4/15) simply discusses today’s announcement that in there will be two new Ju-on movies released in Japan on June 27th, 2009. As Tokyograph reported earlier today, the first movie is called “Ju-on: Shiroi Roujo” and stars Akina Minami. The second is called “Ju-on: Kuroi Shoujo” and stars ex-Morning Musume member Ai Kago. The game blog explains that the game will have no direct tie-in with the movies, other than to try and help “spread the curse” with them on the 10th anniversary of the franchise.

AQ Interactive is also organizing a preview event at an undisclosed location within Tokyo on May 9th. People can sign up to participate by filling out this questionaire (Japanese-only) before May 1st. 40 winners will be chosen to receive two tickets each.

Okay, that’s all the information that’s available right now. Hopefully that cleared at least some stuff up.

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