More skanky ninja action in “Lady Ninja Kasumi Vol. 7”

By kevin on September 09, 2008 at 4:57pm EDT

Lady Ninja Kasumi Vol. 7

The latest in the “Lady Ninja Kasumi” pinku V-cinema series, Sanada Kunoichi Ninpo-den: Kasumi - Nairan! Yukimura Ansatsu!! (something like “Lady Ninja Kasumi: Rebellion! Yukimura Assassination!!”) will be screened at Uplink Factory in Shibuya this Sunday and the DVD will be released on October 22nd. This time around Kasumi will be played by AV actress Nana Nanaumi, who made her adult debut last October. Hiroshi Kuze (The Twilight Samurai, Ichi) handled all the sword fight choreography.

The story revolves around a man named Takuma who works under the legendary samurai Sanada Yukimura teaching a secret technique called “Kakure Musou”. However, Sanada won’t allow Takuma to actually fight for him because he’s hampered by a painful disease of the eyes. It’s the worst kind of humiliation for a warrior like Takuma. A woman, played by Asami (Sukeban Boy, The Machine Girl), eventually makes a special medicine that helps him recover from his affliction. Meanwhile, Kasumi is sent to investigate a bandit who intends to assassinate Sanada. As the threat of assassination draws closer the shocking truth is exposed and Kasumi is forced to face off against an unlikely betrayer.

Here’s the trailer, followed by a little featurette about the fight choreography. Not work safe, to say the least.


Uplink Factory
Order at CDJapan (no subtitles)

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