0093 Royal Highness Masao Kusakari (2007)

0093 Royal Highness Masao Kusakari is a Japanese movie directed by Makoto Shinozaki. It was released by MF Box in Japan on October 13, 2007.

The movie stars Masao Kusakari as himself and also a part-time secret agent who’s called back into duty after years of a normal civilian life. He’s given the task of investigating a diabolical television executive named Miwa who has designs on manipulating the brain waves of his viewers and eventually taking over the world. As luck would have it, Miwa wants to hire Kusakari for one of his shows, granting the opening needed for him to infiltrate the station’s internal operations.

Movie info

Original title
0093 女王陛下の草刈正雄
Transliterated title
Zero Zero Kyūsan - Joōheika no Kusakari Masao
Release date
October 13, 2007

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Masao Kusakari Masao Kusakari
mayuu-kusakari Mayuu Kusakari
Nao Ayaki Nao Ayaki
mitsuru-karahashi Mitsuru Karahashi
kazuya-konaka Kazuya Konaka
Mei Kurokawa Mei Kurokawa
Haruo Mizuno Haruo Mizuno
Masamitsu Morita Masamitsu Morita
Kyusaku Shimada Kyusaku Shimada
Taro Suwa Taro Suwa
No photo available Macoto Tezka
Sohkoh Wada Sohkoh Wada


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