8000 Miles (2009)

8000 Miles is a Japanese movie written and directed by Yu Irie. It got a limited release at Ikebukuro Cinema Rosa in Japan on March 14, 2009, but was picked up by several other theaters after it became popular with critics and international film festivals. It is co-distributed by Rosa Eigasha and Norainu Film.

Movie info

Original title
SR サイタマノラッパー
Transliterated title
SR: Saitama no Rapper
Release date
March 14, 2009

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Ryusuke Komakine Ryusuke Komakine
Shingo Mizusawa Shingo Mizusawa
Eita Okuno Eita Okuno MC Mighty
Tatsuya Masunari Tatsuya Masunari
Hakushu Kamisuzuki Hakushu Kamisuzuki
No photo available Ryuya Masunari
mihiro Mihiro
Hikohiko Sugiyama Hikohiko Sugiyama

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