The Abashiri Family (2009)

The Abashiri Family is a Japanese movie directed by Teruyoshi Ishii. It’s based on a Go Nagai manga.

Movie info

Original title
あばしり一家 THE MOVIE
Release date
November 11, 2009
Distributed by


Set in the near future, the story centers around a family of vicious gangsters who live within an area of Japan not governed by laws called Bangaichi. Kikunosuke Abashiri (Erica Tonooka) is now attending Paradise Academy, but has lost all memory of her past other than occasional dreams of happy times with her father Daemon (Shun Sugata) and three brothers. But are they all just a figment of her imagination?

One day a new transfer student named Yuki (Maria Yoshikawa) starts getting picked on by bullies, but when Kikunosuke tries to defend her with violence she gets incapacitated by extreme headaches. It turns out Kikunosuke had been brainwashed by Principal Danjuro Namakubi (Jiro Sato) after the Abashiri family clashed with Danjuro’s family a year earlier. In fact, Bangaichi had been created to jail the rest of the family while Danjuro’s daughter Mademoiselle Honey (Miwa) experimented on Kikunosuke and implanted her with a mind-control chip to cancel out her violent impulses. Now that she’s essentially been tamed, will Kikunosuke ever be able to escape Danjuro’s school and be reunited with her family?

Featured Cast

Actor Role
erica-tonooka Erica Tonooka
Maria Yoshikawa Maria Yoshikawa
ijiri-okada Ijiri Okada
Jiro Sato Jiro Sato
Kyoji Kamui Kyoji Kamui
miwa MiWa
Shun Sugata Shun Sugata
Nabeyacan Nabeyacan


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