Acacia (2010)

Acacia is a 2010 Japanese movie written and directed by Jinsei Tsuji.

Movie info

Release date
June 12, 2010
Directed by
Jinsei Tsuji
Written by
Jinsei Tsuji (screenplay)
Distributed by
Bitters End


An ex-professional wrestler named Daimajin works as a guard at a small apartment complex. However, he secretly lives with the regret that he never gave his son the love and affection that he should have. One day, he meets a young boy named Takuro who seems to be a troublemaker for everyone but him. The two strike up a friendship, learning from each other and eventually gaining the courage to face the problems they have with their respective families.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Antonio Inoki Antonio Inoki Daimajin
Ryoga Hayashi Ryoga Hayashi
Eri Ishida Eri Ishida
Kazuki Kitamura Kazuki Kitamura
Maki Sakai Maki Sakai
yusuke-kawazu Yusuke Kawazu


  • Trailer (Japanese)

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