Andromedia (1998)

Andromedia is a 1998 Japanese science fiction movie directed by Takashi Miike and based on a novel by Kozy Watanabe.

In Japan, the film was promoted mainly as a vehicle for the pop groups SPEED and, to a lesser extent, DA PUMP.

Movie info

Original title
Release date
July 11, 1998
Directed by
Takashi Miike
Written by
Itaru Era (screenplay)
Kozy Watanabe (novel)
Distributed by
  • Andromedia - US DVD

    Region 1 NTSC DVD (English subtitles)

    Label: Pathfinder Home Entertainment (US)
    Out: Dec 28, 2004
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A girl named Mai who dies in a traffic accident and her father later stores her memories on a microchip and revives her mind within a computer. However, when a rival company tries to take the technology by force, he must hide her program in her old boyfriend’s laptop. Now it’s up to Mai’s boyfriend and friends to keep the laptop safe.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Hiroko Shimabukuro Hiroko Shimabukuro Mai Hitomi / AI
No photo available Takako Uehara Rika
No photo available Eriko Imai Yōko
No photo available Hitoe Arakaki Nao
No photo available Kenji Harada
No photo available Issa Hentona Tōru
No photo available Shinobu Miyara Hiroyuki
No photo available Yukinari Tamaki Kazuma
No photo available Ken Okumoto Daiki
No photo available Ryo Karato Satoshi Takanaka
Naoto Takenaka Naoto Takenaka Kurosawa
Tsunehiko Watase Tsunehiko Watase Toshihiko Hitomi, Mai's father
No photo available Christopher Doyle Zucker, head of DigitalWare
Tomorowo Taguchi Tomorowo Taguchi Gōda
Kippei Shiina Kippei Shiina Chinese man
No photo available Takahiro Ito Boy on bus
No photo available Konosuke Tokai Boy on bus
Kazuki Kitamura Kazuki Kitamura Sada


  • Trailer (English subtitles)

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