Angel Guts: High School Co-Ed (1978)

Angel Guts: High School Co-Ed is a Japanese pink film directed by Chusei Sone and based on a manga by Takashi Ishii. It was released by Nikkatsu in Japan on July 22, 1978 as part of their Roman Porno line.

Angel Guts Series

Movie info

Original title
女高生 天使のはらわた
Transliterated title
Jokōsei - Tenshi no Harawata
Release date
July 22, 1978


In the movie, a biker gang spends their time robbing people and raping women, but when their leader Kawashima gets nervous that his sister Megu (Megu Kawashima) might find out, he stops the others from raping a girl named Nami (Machiko Ohtani).

Fellow gang members Kaji and Sada begin doubting Kawashima is still one of them, and the only way to change that is to have his way with Nami himself…

Machiko Ohtani

In recent home video releases of High School Co-ed, Machiko Ohtani’s name has been removed from the credits and all advertising. In 2006, someone claiming to be a family member sent requests to several Japanese websites asking for pictures of her to be removed. The person claimed she died regretting her activities in the entertainment industry, but didn’t offer any further confirmation of their identity.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
No photo available Sansho Shinsui Tetsuro Kawashima
No photo available Machiko Ohtani Nami Tsuchiya
No photo available Tatsuma Higuchi Sadakuni
No photo available Tsutomu Hori
No photo available Shin Kagayama
No photo available Kenji Kasai Kajima
No photo available Megu Kawashima Megu, Tetsuro's sister
No photo available Ken Kazama
No photo available Kazuyuki Komiya
No photo available Maya Kudou
No photo available Toshihiko Oda
No photo available Ryuusaku Shinsui detective A
No photo available Hiroyasu Yoshida detective B
No photo available Yoshimasa Toma
No photo available Tokuko Watanabe
No photo available Tomoko Yamanoue


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