Aoi Sora Shiroi Kumo (2012)

Aoi Sora Shiroi Kumo is a 2012 Japanese movie directed by Shusuke Kaneko.

Movie info

Original title
Release date
March 31, 2012
Directed by
Shusuke Kaneko
Written by
Jiro Kaneko (screenplay)
Erei Ogiwara (screenplay)
Shusuke Kaneko (screenplay)
96 min.
Eiren rating
PG12 (Parental Guidance Requested)
Distributed by


Rie moves to LA to be with her mother and attend college in the US. However, the Tōhoku earthquake hits Japan the very next day and she decides to return to check on her father and friends and begins taking care of a dog named Sora who lost its owner. Meanwhile, her father’s company goes bankrupt and she ends up with only the dog Sora to stand by her.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
hikari-mori Hikari Mori Rie
Mikio Osawa Mikio Osawa
Hiroyuki Watanabe Hiroyuki Watanabe
No photo available Yoko Hatanaka
yui-murata Yui Murata
No photo available Norman England English teacher
No photo available Nanako Kaneko
Kayano Masuyama Kayano Masuyama
Chieko Misaka Chieko Misaka
No photo available Yuna Nishimura
Takashi Nishina Takashi Nishina
Yoichiro Omi Yoichiro Omi
No photo available Junki Tozuka


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