April Fools (2015)

April Fools is a 2015 Japanese comedy movie directed by Junichi Ishikawa.

Movie info

Original title
Release date
April 1, 2015
Directed by
Junichi Ishikawa
Written by
Ryota Kosawa (screenplay)
Distributed by


Ayumi Nitta is a member of a hospital cleaning staff and suffers from extreme social anxiety. After having a one-night stand with genius surgeon and sex addict Wataru Makino, Ayumi discovers she’s pregnant. However, when she tells Wataru, he dismisses her claim as a bad April Fools joke. Refusing to believe he could possibly be the father of Ayumi’s baby after just one night together, Wataru takes a woman named Reiko on a date to an Italian restaurant. However, Ayumi also shows up, leading to a major incident.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Erika Toda Erika Toda Ayumi Nitta
Tori Matsuzaka Tori Matsuzaka Wataru Makino
Yusuke Santamaria Yusuke Santamaria
Yukiyoshi Ozawa Yukiyoshi Ozawa
Nanao Nanao Reiko
No photo available Shigeyuki Totsugi
No photo available Miwako Shishido
No photo available Shinya Owada
Susumu Terajima Susumu Terajima
Tsutomu Takahashi Tsutomu Takahashi
No photo available Minami Hamabe
Sayaka Yamaguchi Sayaka Yamaguchi
Kenichi Takito Kenichi Takito
Sonny Chiba JJ Sonny Chiba
Masanobu Takashima Masanobu Takashima
Lily Lily
Masaki Okada Masaki Okada
Katsuhisa Namase Katsuhisa Namase
Eiko Koike Eiko Koike
Masako Chiba Masako Chiba
Masataka Kubota Masataka Kubota
Masato Yano Masato Yano
No photo available Seishu Uragami
Haruka Kinami Haruka Kinami
arata-furuta Arata Furuta
Sumiko Fuji Sumiko Fuji
No photo available Kotaro Satomi


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