Balloon Relay (2012)

Balloon Relay is a Japanese movie directed by Kyohei Fujimura.

The original plot proposal for the film was submitted for United Cinemas’s “Cinema Plot Competition” and was the first theatrical release for Fujimura.

Movie info

Original title
Release date
June 23, 2012


A middle school student named Kozue finds a red balloon with an SD card attached to it. On the SD card is an invitation to the wedding of two complete strangers. In order to escape her daily doldrums, Kozue decides to go to the wedding with her classmate, Kikuchi. However, along the way they cross paths with a pair of suspicious men, a mysterious girl, and a strange cop. When they finally make it to wedding, they get drawn into the fray of yet another unexpected situation.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Yuiko Kariya Yuiko Kariya Kozue
Shotaro Okubo Shotaro Okubo Kikuchi
Minami Minami
Kanji Furutachi Kanji Furutachi
Junya Kawashima Junya Kawashima
Ryo Kimura Ryo Kimura
Suzunosuke Suzunosuke
shungicu-uchida Shungicu Uchida
Yoneko Matsukane Yoneko Matsukane


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