Battle League HORUMO (2009)

Battle League HORUMO is a comedy/fantasy movie directed by Katsuhide Motoki and based on a novel by Manabu Makime. It was released by Shochiku in Japan on April 18, 2009.

In the movie, Takayuki Yamada stars as Akira Abe, a new student at Kyoto University. One day, he and his friend Takamura (Gaku Hamada) get invited to a party hosted by a club called “The Azure Dragons”. They agree to attend for the free food, but it’s at the party where Abe meets Kyoko Sawara (Sei Ashina) and instantly falls in love. Determined to get closer to Sawara, he decides to join the Dragons and convinces Kawamura to tag along.

What initially seems to be a typical university social club turns out to be part of a 1,000-year tradition in which the four universities of Kyoto compete against one another in “Horumo” battles. During matches, 10 players from each team attempt to control an army of 100 Oni (spirits). In keeping with Horumo tradition, each new club member must endure a rigorous training camp in which they learn the delicate art of controlling oni, from an entire oni language to the bizarre gestures used during matches.

Also known as: Kamogawa Horumo: Battle League in Kyoto (festival title)

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Kamogawa Horumo
Release date
April 18, 2009
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Featured Cast

Actor Role
Takayuki Yamada Takayuki Yamada Akira Abe
Chiaki Kuriyama Chiaki Kuriyama Fumi Kusunoki
Gaku Hamada Gaku Hamada Koichi Takamura
Sei Ashina Sei Ashina Kyoko Sawara
Takuya Ishida Takuya Ishida Mitsuru Ashiya
YoshiYoshi Arakawa YoshiYoshi Arakawa Makoto Sugawara
Tamiyasu Cho Tamiyasu Cho Akahito Kakimoto
Renji Ishibashi Renji Ishibashi Pub owner
Takayo Mimura Takayo Mimura Tomiko Takanobu
No photo available Maki Okamoto
No photo available Hideko Otani Tamami Hosokawa
No photo available Keita Saitou Miyoshi, younger brother
No photo available Shota Saito Miyoshi, older brother
Megumi Sato Megumi Sato Mika Tachibana
No photo available Akira Shinomiya
No photo available Tsuruko Shofukutei Horumo commentator
No photo available Papaiya Suzuki Suzuoni
No photo available Shinichi Takamatsu
No photo available Sora Toma Kino
No photo available Ryota Umebayashi Sakagami
No photo available Masato Wada Taira Aomori
Gota Watabe Gota Watabe Matsunaga


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