BECK (2010)

BECK is a live-action Japanese movie directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi and based on a manga by Harold Sakuishi which was originally serialized from 2000-2008. It was released by Shochiku in Japan on September 4, 2010.

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Release date
September 4, 2010
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Takeru Satoh stars as Koyuki, a high school student who meets guitar prodigy Ryusuke Minami (Hiro Mizushima) and is inspired to practice guitar himself. Eventually, the pair form a band with bassist Taira (Osamu Mukai), lead vocalist Chiba (Kenta Kiritani), and drummer Saku (Aoi Nakamura).

They name the band BECK after Minami’s dog and start practicing with the goal of performing at a large rock festival. However, a malevolent organization threatens to take Minami’s beloved guitar away before the show.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Takeru Satoh Takeru Satoh
Aoi Nakamura Aoi Nakamura
Osamu Mukai Osamu Mukai
Kenta Kiritani Kenta Kiritani
Hiro Mizushima Hiro Mizushima
Shiori Kutsuna Shioli Kutsuna
Kensei Mikami Kensei Mikami
Tyler Tyler


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