Crows Zero II (2009)

Crows Zero II is a 2009 Japanese movie directed by Takashi Miike and the sequel to his 2007 film, Crows Zero. The series is based on a boys fighting manga by Hiroshi Takahashi.

Movie info

Original title
Release date
April 11, 2009
Directed by
Takashi Miike
Written by
Shogo Muto (screenplay)
Hiroshi Takahashi (manga)
Distributed by
  • Crows Zero II - UK DVD

    Region 2 PAL DVD (English subtitles)

    Label: MVM Entertainment (UK)
    Out: Jul 2, 2012
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Genji (Shun Oguri) still hasn’t quite managed to unify badass haven Suzuran High School under one leader due to a decisive loss to the mysterious Linda Man. Unfortunately his goal of local domination must be put on hold when a long-standing truce with rival high school Housen Gakuen is suddenly broken. Led by the ferocious Taiga Narumi (Kaneko Nobuaki), Housen launches an all-out assault on Suzuran, throwing the reigning toughest school in all of Japan into a state of crisis.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Shun Oguri Shun Oguri Genji Takiya
Kyosuke Yabe Kyosuke Yabe Ken Katagiri
Meisa Kuroki Meisa Kuroki Ruka Aizawa
Nobuaki Kaneko Nobuaki Kaneko Taiga Narumi
haruma-miura Haruma Miura Tatsuya Mito
Sosuke Takaoka Sosuke Takaoka Shun Izaki
Takayuki Yamada Takayuki Yamada Tamao Serizawa
No photo available Ryohei Abe Toshi Matoba
Shinnosuke Abe Shinnosuke Abe Sho Kawanishi
Go Ayano Go Ayano Ryo Urushibara
Shunsuke Daito Shunsuke Daito Hiromi Kirishima
Kaname Endo Kaname Endo Yuji Tokaji
Kenichi Endo Kenichi Endo Joji Yazaki
Motoki Fukami Motoki Fukami Rinda Man
Ryo Hashizume Ryo Hashizume Toshiaki Honjo
Hisato Izaki Hisato Izaki Go Mikami
Yusuke Izaki Yusuke Izaki Manabu Mikami
Yusuke Kamiji Yusuke Kamiji Shoji Tsutsumoto
Kenta Kiritani Kenta Kiritani Tokio Tatsukawa
Goro Kishitani Goro Kishitani Hideo Takitani
Yu Koyanagi Yu Koyanagi Makoto Sugihara
Shoichiro Masumoto Shoichiro Masumoto
Yutaka Matsushige Yutaka Matsushige Ushiyama
Kazuki Namioka Kazuki Namioka Gota Washio
Suzunosuke Suzunosuke Chuta Tamura
Tsutomu Takahashi Tsutomu Takahashi Takashi Makise
No photo available Ryo Takano
Tomoya Warabino Tomoya Warabino Hayato Shibayama
No photo available Toru Yamashina
Kengo Ohkuchi Kengo Ohkuchi Rikiya Kumagiri
yuuki-ohno Yuuki Ohno Shoji Tsutsumoto's underling

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