Days With You (2009)

Days With You is a 2009 Japanese movie directed by photographer Amiy Mori.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Release date
March 14, 2009
Directed by
Amiy Mori
Distributed by


Natsuki lives in Hokkaido and takes care of her autistic younger brother. One day she’s reunited with a childhood love named Souta, whom she hasn’t seen since he moved to Canada 11 years earlier. He moved back to Japan 4 years ago, but chose to go to a university in Tokyo, causing Natsuki to feel somewhat betrayed and disappointed.

Due to the heavy responsibility on Natsuki’s shoulders, she hasn’t experienced much happiness since the death of her father, but Souta’s kindness gradually brings a smile back to her face. They finally plan a date, but for some reason Souta doesn’t show up at the agreed time. Eventually she’s made aware of a terrible twist of fate that could interrupt the reunited couple’s happiness.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Erika Toda Erika Toda Natsuki Kashiwagi
Kazuki Kato Kazuki Kato Fuuta
Mitsuru Fukikoshi Mitsuru Fukikoshi Koichi Kashiwagi
Midoriko Kimura Midoriko Kimura
No photo available Mami Kumagai Yayoi
No photo available Tatsuya Wakaba Daiki Kashiwagi


  • The film marked Mori's directorial debut.


  • Trailer (Japanese)

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